Econoflex and Retro Fit cases secure a flexible vinyl substrate ‘skin’, using the SignComp™ patented Tensioning System - ideal for larger signs.

The only flexible faced system that can be used to create non-rectangular shapes and even raised lettering.

At a fraction of the cost of conventional alternatives, this unique system is simple, versatile, requires no pocketing or eyelets and drastically cuts maintenance. Re-tensioning takes seconds. Don’t forget to order your tensioning tool.

We do not supply the substrate banner, but will clip up your own banner. Your banner’s height and width should exceed the case size by 150mm.

Available in 135mm, 170mm, 196mm & double sided 220mm depths.

Flex Frame is available as a non-illuminated alternative.


Each case is supplied complete with cool white fluorescent tubes or energy saving LEDs.

All geartrays supplied are HPF, complete with lamp leads, starters, lamp clips and fuse terminal blocks.