We offer a choice of framing systems: Slimtrim 3, Slimtrim 5 and Slimtrim Maxi in silver anodised (AA25, 25 Microns), mill finish or powder coated to any BS. or RAL colour.

Slimtrim 3 carries 3mm acrylic, Slimtrim 5 and Maxi both carry 5mm acrylic but Maxi has a 50mm profile to facilitate the expansion of acrylic in larger signs (0.075 mm/m/oK).

Frames can be delivered within 2-3 working days.

Vital statistics

Deduct the following amounts from overall width and height of frame

Slimtrim 3
Visual area –40mm Acrylic size –15mm

Slimtrim 5
Visual area –60mm Acrylic size –20mm

Slimtrim Maxi
Visual area –100mm Acrylic size –25mm

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